Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Google Glass Alternative Assembled By Hacker

Google Glass Alternative
Google Glass Alternative
(Image Credit: Ash_Williams)

Google Glass fans who may not be able to afford the cost of acquiring the device may soon have a cheaper Google Glass alternative, if the “Flass” will be mass-produced in the future.

A hardware hacker from Australia was able to produce his own version of the augmented-reality eyewear from the online search giant, which he has called the “Flass” or “fake glass.” The prototype uses a Nokia N9 phone, which provides the feeds into the eye display.

The hacker uses the name Ash_Williams on Overclockers, a PC hardware community based in Australia.

Four different models were made by Ash_Williams so far. The eye display of the Google Glass alternative is similar in size to the real thing. Curved optic from the Myvu Crystal 701 eye display is used in increasing the screen size when the user looks at it. For the moment it is not yet cable-free since it is connected together using cables. He also admitted that the device looks funny.

The hacker is currently trying to make a user interface similar to the Google Glass since it currently requires a keyboard to control it. He is also aiming to incorporate a camera into this Google Glass alternative. He is also working on a different model, which will give him at least two functioning prototypes of the devices.

Ash_Williams is also waiting for the arrival of a frame that was 3D printed. This will make the device appear as sleek as the original Google product. Although it may not be mistaken for the original product, the resourcefulness of the hacker is quite impressive since he used readily-available materials to produce it.

If Ash_Williams will be able to produce a sleek and functional Google Glass alternative, then he may be able to give the online search giant a run for its money.

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