Sunday, May 5, 2013

Hide Facebook Adds With A Simple X Button

Facebook Ad
Facebook Ad
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It is a no-brainer that a number of Facebook users want to hide Facebook ads whenever they access their accounts, and it appears that the social network itself is giving its members the option to do just this.

Facebook has reportedly confirmed that it will allow mobile users to hide advertisements in their respective news feeds. These ads include Facebook Pages that feature links or images, and will be available on Android, iOS and the mobile Web. A representative from the company revealed that the feature went live around six months ago. Users will simply click on the “x button to hide Facebook ads.

Aside from being able to hide Facebook ads, a number of other options may also be released by the company. The “x” button aimed at ads that induce users to install apps or ads that are displayed whenever a page is “liked” by Facebook friends is expected to be released by the company.

The features will initially be released for the iOS, while the Android version will not be far behind.  The feature will give users more control over the content displayed on their accounts. It will also give advertisers the opportunity to reach their intended target market. Getting the target market is essential on Facebook, which makes the feature useful for the social network itself. The ability to hide Facebook ads will bring down the number of non-essential audience of the ads themselves by around 15 percent, Facebook revealed.

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