Thursday, May 9, 2013

Internet Connection And The Next Xbox

Xbox 720
Xbox 720
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Earlier reports hinted at the possibility that a continuous internet connection was necessary to allow the next Xbox to function. However, Ars Technica reported that Microsoft acknowledged the need for the game console to remain operational even if it is not connected to the net.

The latest report may ease the concerns of video game enthusiast who were anxious of the limitations of the need to be continuously connected into the net for the console to function.

The next Xbox, which was codenamed Durango, is designed to offer the next-generation entertainment even as it was intended to be patient with the current state of the internet, the report indicated. There are a number of instances where internet connection may be limited, and it is necessary for the game console to continue to function whenever these limitations exist. Gamers can still use the game console for watching live TV, playing using a Blu-ray disc, and playing single player games.

Microsoft did not release any statements in connection to the report. However, it indicated that it has revealed some information about the upcoming device while more feature will be revealed once the device is launched on May 21.

A Microsoft spokeswoman indicated that the company will be releasing information about the games, the entertainment and TV features of the game console on May 21. However, it has nothing more to share for the moment in connection to the next Xbox.

Despite the report, it appears that many gaming enthusiasts may continue to be anxious about the connectivity issue on the game console. The main concern is the need to be constantly connected to install games, which may limit the capability of gamers of playing second-hand game titles.

The always-connected feature on the next Xbox may be a means of limiting piracy by Microsoft at the expense of video game enthusiasts.

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