Monday, May 13, 2013

Laser Weapon System Of Lockheed Tested

Laser Weapon
Laser Weapon
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An earlier report revealed the plan of the US Navy in deploying a ship-based solid-state laser weapon at the Persian Gulf. Recently a series of tests were conducted by Lockheed using a new directed-energy system that was dubbed as ADAM or Area Defense Anti-Munitions system.

The ADAM weapon system was tested against targets similar to the Qassam rockets used by in Palestine. The system destroyed the targets at a distance of around 1.5 kilometers or just under a mile.

The laser system produces 10kw of power, which limits its range and makes it more suitable for use against targets with light armor. Although the range of the laser weapon is limited around two kilometers, Lockheed indicated that the system can effectively track targets over five kilometers away, even in cluttered visual situations.

The weapons system heats up the side of a projectile for a few seconds using a high-energy beam whenever it is used against a missile or a rocket. For science fiction enthusiasts, the ADAM system does not appear to be their idea of a laser weapon system. In fact it has a similar design as a generator that is often used by Army battalions for field operations.

However, the design is not on top of the priority list since laser weapon advocates are focusing on the cost-effectiveness of the entire system. Since it only requires electricity, it basically has an unlimited supply of “ammunition,” unless the battery runs out. The cost of the system is minimal compared to the conventional anti-missile system.

Strategic and Missile Defense Systems president Tory Bruno of Lockheed Martin Space Systems said the results of the test show the cost-effectiveness of the ADAM weapons system. It also offers a convenient directed-energy system that can be used against close-in threats in real-world situations.

With the release of the video, it appears that weapons developers are gradually showing the value of a laser weapon system to deal with any given real-world situation.

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