Monday, May 20, 2013

New Canon Super-Telephoto Lens Available For Pre-Orders

New Canon Super-Telephoto Lens
New Canon Super-Telephoto Lens
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Sports and wildlife photographers will have mixed feelings with the upcoming release of a new Canon super-telephoto lens from Canon that has an integrated 1.4x telephoto extender.

Photographers will likely shout for joy once the upcoming 200-400 mm lens enters the market. That is, until they see the price tag. The new super-telephoto lens will set back photographers by $11,799.

The integrated extender of the lens can be activated through a simple flip of a lever, which makes the lens easier to use. It is also designed for the optics of the lens since it is already integrated into the new Canon super-telephoto lens itself. This is not quite true for ordinary extenders that are attached into a camera.

Despite the prohibitive price, it appears that the demand for the new Canon super-telephoto lens is high. The pre-order page of Amazon revealed that the supply of the product is limited. The online retail company is expecting that it may not be able to comply with all of the orders of their clients in the initial allocation of the product.

The lens was initially announced over two years ago, and Canon wanted to release it last year.

The lens weighs around 8.3 pounds and is 14.4 inches long, without the lens hood.

It has twenty-five lens elements, which include some composed of fluorite as well as ultra-low dispersion glass. When the extender is engaged, it will increase the lens elements to thirty-three. Glare and reflection are also reduced due to the SubWavelength Structure Coating and the Super Spectra Coating technology of Canon.

The product is also weather-sealed and features an image stabilization feature that allows photographers to shoot four stops slower compared to their typical shooting situations. For stationary subjects, photographers can shoot at 1/60 sec instead of 1/1000 sec without any camera shake. However, it should be noted that the shake reduction statement is an optimistic view of the manufacturer of the new Canon super-telephoto lens.

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