Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Recognizing Faces With Google Glass

Google Glass
Google Glass
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Ever had a problem connecting names to faces? Well, this may not be a problem anymore with Google Glass as a startup based in San Francisco is reportedly working on a face-recognition application programming interface.

Lambda Labs will reportedly make the Google Glass Face Recognition API available soon to developers. This was revealed by the co-founder of the company, Stephen Balaban. The open-source Face API of the company was released by the company last year and it is already being used by developers and large companies.

The application for the augmented-reality eyewear will be based on this API. The app will allow users to identify faces of people in a crowd. It will also store information of the people that users encounter every day. Aside from being able to recognize other people using the app, it will also show users the people whom they have similar interests.

It remains uncertain whether the app will occur in real time or it will record the faces through Google Glass before it searches a remote server. And with questions on privacy, it remains uncertain if the app will be allowed by the online search giant. Balaban said that this is the first face-recognition API for the device, which means it remains uncertain if Google will allow its use on the eyewear.

However, a representative from the company revealed that any facial-recognition applications will not be available through the app store of the company. Product Management Director Steve Lee had indicated that the company will not allow such applications into the app store unless solid privacy protections are set.

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