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Samsung Galaxy S4 Low Internal Storage Explained

Samsung Galaxy S4
Samsung Galaxy S4
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Despite the impressive features found on the Samsung Galaxy S4, a number of users are already complaining about the small available storage on the 16GB model of the device. Nearly half of the storage is already used for the Android OS and other applications pre-installed in the mobile device by the South Korean company.

Users will be able to use only 8.9GB of the 16GB internal storage of the Samsung GalaxyS4. But if you ask me, with all of the features found on the device, the internal storage available on the device may not matter that much unless you are looking at installing more applications that may be used once or twice during the lifetime of the latest flagship smartphone of Samsung.

Samsung indicated that around 6.85GB of the internal storage is used in providing the high-resolution display of the Samsung Galaxy S4 along with the other features that consumers will use. Some industry watchers have indicated that these features cannot be moved into the MicroSD memory card of the device. This situation can also be observed in a number of other Samsung devices including the Samsung Galaxy S3, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, and the Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

They may have an issue with this since it will mean that users will be limited to a much smaller internal storage if they aim to download an application that is bigger than 1G. One example is Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, which requires 1.4GB of available storage. However, would you want to limit yourself to a small display when you are playing with an impressive game?

Users can try to root the Samsung Galaxy S4 to transfer the applications, however, it should be noted that this will void the warranty of the device. It is also not recommended for users who are not quite knowledgeable in the process since it may result to a bricked smartphone if it is not done properly.

This limitation is also similar to the Microsoft Surface Pro where the storage available for users is quite limited. A good example is the 128GB model where users will only have 96GB of available storage. The 64GB model of the Microsoft Surface Pro provides users with around 32GB of available storage.

For users who aim to install more applications into the Samsung Galaxy S4, it would be advisable to purchase one that has bigger internal storage in order to have enough space for the applications that they want to download.

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