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The Night’s Watch Official Game Of Thrones Timepiece Coming

The Night’s Watch
The Night’s Watch
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Game of Thrones fans will have something to cheer about with the upcoming release of a limited edition official “Game of Thrones” timepiece, The Night’s Watch.

HBO and Ulysse Nardin, a high-end Swiss watch manufacturer, will produce the device, which is based on the durable Black Sea diving chronograph.  The timepiece may not appear to come from the show itself since black is the dominant color and it features an aquatic pattern dial reminiscent of the Black Sea chronograph. The numerical markers, power reserve, hands, and sub-dials have a red-colored design.

The Night’s Watch is described by Ulysse Nardin as a perfect combination of elegance and athleticism. Its black and red elements provide the somber mood of the sacred order. This is quiet ironic for fans of the show due to the removal of a character form the so-called sacred order for a particular color choice.

The elements of the show on the timepiece are rather understated particularly with the placement of the logo of the show at the back. It also features a pair of ceramic links at the rubber strap of the watch that shows the phrase “The Night’s Watch” engrave on it. The phrase “I am the sword in darkness” can also be found above it.

The vulcanized rubber coating is also featured on the timepiece that comes with a sapphire crystal. It is also water resistant up to around 655 feet. Since it is a limited edition timepiece, only twenty-five timepieces will be manufactured witch each one costing around $10,500 each. “The Night’s Watch” timepiece will be available through the HBO store and the Cellini Jewelers in New York.

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