Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Upcoming Acer Windows 8 Tablets TO Feature Small Displays

Acer Iconia A1
Acer Iconia A1
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Acer will be launching a number of Windows 8 tablets that feature smaller screen sizes. This was revealed recently by the Pa America region president of Acer, Emmanuel Fromont. He added that these tablets will also have a price tag of less than $400.

The product marketing vice president of Acer, Sumit Agnihotry, repeated the same statement during a New York event where a number of Acer products were unveiled. The $400 price tag is currently the entry-level price tag of Windows tablets. The upcoming Windows 8 tablets from Acer will also be promoted by the company as devices that can be easily connected to a conventional PC compared to Android devices.

Fromont revealed that the price tag of the upcoming devices will increase their appeal in the market. Consumers will not feel the need to acquire high-end tablets, and with the smaller screen size, the price tag will be among the main concerns of consumers when they purchase a tablet.

Three new products were unveiled by Acer recently, a pair of Windows 8-powered touchscreen notebooks along with a new Android tablet. As the market for PCs continues to weaken, Acer is aiming to increase the sales of its other products.

The company has also lost more compared to its competitors due to the slowdown in the sales of netbook devices. International PC deliveries of Acer were by 31 percent in the first quarter compared to the same period last year. Now the company is aiming to recoup some of its losses with new Windows 8 tablets and notebooks. It is also looking into Android devices in increasing sales for the year.

With the upcoming release of additional touchscreen devices, the company is anticipating an increase in PC demands in the latter part of the year. Most of the notebooks that the company will release during the back-to-school season will come with touchscreens.

Aside from these touchscreen notebooks, the cheaper and smaller Windows 8 tablets may also help Acer to increase its sales in the market.

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