Thursday, May 23, 2013

Will Apple Launch A New MacBook Air?

MacBook Air
MacBook Air
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Industry watchers are anticipating the release of a new MacBook Air of Apple. The indicators that point to the coming of the new model are the shrinking supply of the 13.3-inch model of the slim Apple laptop. Only Best Buy has the device on its inventory, while the supply of all the other authorized outlets of the tech giant is reportedly getting smaller.

A reduction in the supply of an Apple product is normally a sign of a new version of that particular product.

However, it remains uncertain if a new MacBook Air will indeed be released by the company. It is expected that the upcoming device will feature the next-generation Haswell processor of Intel. The processor will be launched by June, prior to the Worldwide Developers Conference of Apple. This may give some indication of things to come.

Another question that will be raised in connection to the next version of the slim laptop of Apple is whether it will use the Retina Display that is used in a number of devices of the company. Although using the high-definition display may be expected, it may raise the cost of producing the device, let alone affecting the battery life of the device.

If Apple aims to maintain a notable battery life for the device while using the Retina Display, it may have to sacrifice its slim design. But with the way technology is advancing, Apple may have another ace hidden somewhere up its sleeve.

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