Saturday, May 11, 2013

Windows Blue Update To Be Released Within The Year

Windows Blue
Windows Blue
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The update for the Windows 8 OS, which was dubbed as Windows Blue, is set to be released by before the end of the year. The upcoming OS will be able to support numerous screen displays, form factors, and offers more options for consumers and business users.

Microsoft CFO and CMO Tami Reller revealed that the update allows the company to react to the feedback from customers that the company took note of since the Windows RT and Windows 8 OS were unveiled. Last year, Microsoft delivered ARM-based Windows RT and Intel-based Windows 8 OS devices. The Windows Blue update follows some unfavorable reactions from users on the operating system, which has not stopped the decline in the sales of PCs.

PC deliveries in the first quarter went down by 13.9 percent compared to the same period last year. The wide acceptance of other devices has contributed to the failure of the Windows 8 OS from stopping the decline in PC sales.

No details were provided by Reller on the features of the Windows Blue update.

However, it should also be noted that sales of the Windows 8 license have surpassed the 100 million unit level within ix months after it was released. The figure includes the sales of the devices using the OS along with the upgrades to the latest OS from Microsoft.

Reller also said that there is a growing number of devices using the Windows 8 and Windows RT OS. The company is aware of the time it will take to change and it is optimistic of the developments following the launch of the OS. Despite the decline in PC sales, she is still confident of the PC market.

The PC market is now evolving with the increasing number of mobile devices including convertibles and touch laptops. The new PCs that have emerged are starting to become more affordable for consumers.

The number of apps available in the Windows Store has also increased by six-fold since it was launched. The first six months saw over 250 million applications downloaded by users.

The SkyDrive of the company also has more than 250 million uses while the webmail has around 400 million accounts. This is positive news for the company even as it prepares for the release of the Windows Blue OS update within the year.

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