Saturday, March 1, 2014

A Peek At the Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy S5
Samsung Galaxy S5
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With the cat already out of the bag, it appears that everyone is scrambling for the opportunity to include the Samsung Galaxy S5 in its device lineup. The two Sprint prepaid brands recently announced that it intends to offer the device by the second quarter of the year.

Normally, prepaid brands will get a shot at offering flagship devices some time after the major mobile network providers offer them into the market. However, the recent announcement gives an indication that the latest device offering of Samsung may not follow this trend.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is expected to become available in the market by April 11 in numerous countries around the world. Among the first US-based carriers to offer the latest product offering of the South Korean manufacturer are Verizon Wireless, Sprint, AT&T and T-Mobile. It will also be offered through US Cellular and MetroPCS. A number of retail stores will also offer the device, including Target, Walmart, Sam’s Club, Amazon, Best Buy, Costco and RadioShack.

The lightweight, all-plastic device is expected to have a price tag of around $200 when it comes with the typical two-year mobile service contract. On the other hand, an unlocked version of the device may have a price tag ranging from $600 up to $700.

One of the main features of the Samsung Galaxy S5 is the fingerprint scanner, which is one of the methods to secure the device. The scanner can also be used in paying for services purchased through PayPal. A total of three fingerprints can be stored on the device.

Another nifty feature that has apparently taken into consideration the trend towards healthy living is the heart rate monitor. It joins a number of products that are relying on the increasing interest on a healthy lifestyle. This will make the device an appealing choice for fitness buffs looking for a good smartphone to purchase.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is also dust and water resistant. The release of the Samsung S4 Active allowed the South Korean manufacturer to evaluate if it can offer such a device into the market. However, it should be noted that water-resistant does not mean that the device can be used while going out for a swim. The military spec IP67 indicates that the device can be submerged at a depth of three feet for a maximum of thirty minutes. But it is necessary to ensure that all the ports of the device are sealed.

Another notable feature that caught my attention is the camera of the Samsung Galaxy S5. According to the company, the camera can focus automatically within 0.3 seconds. Although this is a notable feature, it remains to be seen if the device can perform up to the standard set by the company.

Samsung has also reduced the bloatware that normally came with a number of smartphones in the past. One of the applications that will not come preinstalled into the device is the Samsung Hub. However, fans of the Hub may not fret since they can still download the numerous apps they may want to use on the device.

One thing that has plagued numerous smartphones in the past is battery life. Samsung revealed the Ultra Power Saving Mode of the device will allow it to continue running for 24 hours even when battery life has gone down to 10 percent. The software feature limits the processor, changes the display to grayscale, turns off Wi-Fi and shuts down GPS. If the feature works, it may be one device that people may want to consider acquiring.

For the moment, it remains to be seen how the latest flagship smartphone of Samsung will fare against its rivals. Until a head-to-head comparison is made with the latest devices available in the market, the jury is still out on the performance of the Samsung Galaxy S5.