Friday, March 5, 2010

Waterproof Speaker from Music Planet

You want to listen to music while on the beach but are afraid to get your speakers wet? Well, here's the answer from Music Planet - a waterproof speaker that can play your favorite tunes even on water. This MP3 player will allow you to listen to your favorite band belting out your top ten songs while you are in the beach or sitting in your tub. It has a built-in alarm clock to wake you up from your slumber while relaxing after a whole day's work. And if you want to tune in to your favorite radio station, there's no need to get your radio since this gadget also has an FM radio.
This waterproof wonder also allows you to plug in an SD/SDHC cards or a USB flash drive inside its protective waterproof cover. The gadget can give you quality music for nine (9) hours using your USB drive, thirteen (13) hours using the SD card and you can have a radio marathon for twenty eight (28) hours. listening to your favorite DJ for more than a day.
If the juice runs out, you can always go out and buy six (6) AA batteries (although it would be best if you get rechargeables to lessen your cost) This gadget is priced at $120, but then again you would have to wait for a while since the product comes from Japan, so it would take some time before you get your hands on theis waterproof speaker from Music Planet.


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