Friday, February 10, 2012

Pre-orders Start for Samsung Series 7 Gaming Laptop

Samsung Series 7
Among the first laptops that will utilize the Ivy Bridge microprocessor of Intel is the Samsung Series 7 gaming laptop. Latest reports have given indications that the device is already being offered for pre-orders

The Samsung Series 7 laptop is a 17.3-inch device that was designed primary for gaming as it comes with a number of high-end specifications that will be much appreciated by gaming enthusiasts. The laptop features the Core i7-3610QM microprocessor from Intel, 16GB RAM and the discrete GeForce GTX 675M graphics card from Nvidia.

The Samsung Series 7 laptop also comes with a mind-boggling 2TB hard disk drive storage or a pair of 1TB hard drives along with a Blu-ray disc player.

The device can be considered as a rival to the Alienware gaming laptops of Dell. The Samsung Series 7 gaming laptop has reportedly been offered in a number of other countries but the model that will be offered in the US market will reportedly feature some enhancements to the device that was sold in the international market.

The Samsung Series 7 gaming laptop will be slim and mobile for a device that was designed mainly for gaming. The device is around two inches thick and has a weight of just over eight pounds. According to Samsung, the system of the device will allow it to start form its hybrid sleep mode in around two seconds.

However with the features that the Samsung Series 7 gaming laptop the device will have a price tag of around $1,899 for gaming enthusiasts who may wasn’t to pre-order the device. The delivery schedule of the Samsung Series 7 gaming laptop has yet to be finalized and it is available in a limited number of online retailers.

Reports have also revealed that the official product page of Samsung has reportedly listed the Samsung Series 7 gaming laptop at a price that is cheaper by $100.

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