Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Unauthorized Devices Blocked From Using Siri

A recent decision of Apple has indicated that the company will prevent the porting of the Siri feature into the older versions of the iPhone. A token is reportedly necessary for connecting an iPhone unit to Siri, has reportedly prevented third-party applications from accessing the database of Siri.

Some observers have indicated that the SetActivationToken was the reason why Siri cannot be accessed on devices that were not approved by the company.

The SetActivationToken seems to be the main issue for users of the older version of the iPhone, which has given indications that Apple aims to prevent unauthorized devices to access Siri. Although the token prevents access by third-party applications, reports have revealed that a workaround has reportedly been made.

In order to deal with this problem, it will be necessary for users to delete the file (var > mobile > Library > Preferences) with a number of users giving comments through news site and Twitter that this has reportedly worked for them. A video from iDownloadblog shows a nun-functioning Siri feature on a device.

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