Monday, March 5, 2012

Demand for Raspberry Pi Surprise Retailers

Raspberry Pi
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The recent launch of the Raspberry Pi was so successful that the demand for the device reportedly buckled a pair of websites in the UK due to the extremely high traffic.

For the moment, only the $35 model of the device was made available for pre-orders even as the $25 model has yet to enter production, which is anticipated in the coming weeks. The product was supposed to be launched last January by the British Raspberry Pi Foundation.

However following its availability for pre-orders two electronics component online retailers based in the UK went down due to the huge traffic. The heavy load also resulted to the changing of the website of the Raspberry Pi into a static site.

Stocks of the Raspberry Pi have reportedly run out at Premier Farnell. On the other hand, the details of potential buyers were taken down by the other retailer offering the device for pre-orders as the inventory may not be filled up until after at least one month.

The two models of the Raspberry Pi, Model A and Model B, come with 256 of RAM, the 700MHz ARM 11 processor and a graphics chip which offer the capability of decoding HD videos. However the Model B will feature an additional USB port along with an Ethernet connection. The price tag of the Model A and Model B of the Raspberry Pi is $25 and $35 respectively.

Only an RCA or an HDMI-linked screen is needed along with a keyboard to allow users to use the device like a desktop.

The Raspberry Pi project was created to provide computers to children and allow them to learn programming although it appears to have appealed to a number of technology enthusiasts, which resulted to a high demand for the product.

Even though the project is similar to the One Laptop Per Child project, the Raspberry Pi is much cheaper compared to the OLPC.

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