Sunday, March 11, 2012

Do You Want A Free Raspberry Pi Computer?

Raspberry Pi
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The Raspberry Road Test Challenge is set to offer technology enthusiasts the opportunity to win a free unit of the Raspberry Pi computer. The Raspberry Pi Foundation is working with Element14 in the challenge which asks contestants for any innovations that they will make using a Raspberry Pi computer unit.

Element14 is an electronic design portal of Premier Farnell, a tech distributor. An announcement made by Element14 revealed its collaboration with the Raspberry Pi Foundation last February which involves the distribution of the Model B of the Raspberry Pi computers, which has a price tag of $35.

The model B of the Raspberry Pi computer features 256MB RAM, a pair of USB ports, SD memory card slot, an HDMI port, along with an Ethernet port.

The Model A of the Raspberry Pi computer only features one USB port and has a price tag of $25. The Model A will reportedly enter market within the year.

Following the recent acceptance of pre-orders for the Raspberry Pi computer, the device has attracted numerous technology enthusiasts. However this resulted to a shortage in the supply of the device since the jacks that were made for the units were not magnetic. The company had specified the use of magnetic jacks for the device, since network connections will not be possible if non-magnetic jacks are used.

It will be necessary for the company to remove the wrong jacks on the devices that were already released and change them although the manufacturing plant has nearly finished making the necessary corrections on the first batch of Raspberry Pi computers.

But some problems may arise with the next batches of Raspberry Pi computers since all the Ethernet ports for the device were reportedly not the right one. Even as the company was already looking for replacements, delays may occur in the future supply of the Raspberry Pi computers.

It remains to be seen if this delay in the production of the Raspberry Pi computers will also affect the Raspberry Road Test Challenge. The winners of the contest will be announced by the company by March 14, which is also known as the Pi Day. Interested contestants can check out the guidelines for the contest guidelines at the contest page of Element14.

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