Friday, April 27, 2012

Features Added on Draw Something

Draw Something
Draw Something
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A number of users of Draw Something have often found out the hard way that some of their digital sketch creations will get lost in the void as they were not able to save them into their devices. However with the recent update, these users will have the chance of keeping their artworks for a long time, may until they lose their devices or brick it somehow, but that’s another story altogether.

The creators of the games have added a number of new features including the capability of saving their works of art into the photo library of their devices.

The update for iOS devices will allow the players to save their Draw Something sketches into the photo library of their devices as well as make comments on the drawings of other players. The update also allows them to upload their Draw Something creations directly into Twitter and Facebook.

Zynga recently paid more than $200 million for the drawing and guessing game, which was considered the pervious notable event in the life of the Draw Something application. The game is basically a Pictionary where opponents have to make guesses basing on the clues that are drawn. The drawings are also animated in real-time, which makes Draw Something quite cool.

Players will also have the capability of ‘undoing’ one backstroke, which may not be much since its limited to only one stroke and it will not be necessary to use the eraser option to often. Draw Something users will also be able to write down short notes on the drawing. The short notes will be limited to 100 characters.

Pull to refresh will also be supported on iOS devices to allow users to update their game list while the number of drawings that can be rendered in Draw something was increased from 99 to 999. These are just some of the new features that are expected to give Draw Something players a better user experience.

The Android update for the Draw Something game is also still set to be made available in the future.

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