Monday, April 23, 2012

PlayMemories Online Service Set To Unveiled Soon

PlayMemories Online Service
PlayMemories Online
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An online photo sharing service will be launched by Sony within the week according to a recent announcement by the company. Users in six countries will be able to have the first crack at the 5GB free online storage of the “PlayMemories Online” on May 25.

The first six countries where the “PlayMemories Online” service will be available are the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Canada Japan and the United States. Users in these countries will be able to upload images and videos taken using Sony cameras through the “PlayMemories Home” application that can be used on PCs and Macs. The images and videos can also be uploaded directly into the “PlayMemories Online” from Wi-Fi-enabled Sony cameras.

The uploaded images can also e shared online or they can be viewed using the Bravia television units of Sony or through digital photo frames.  Users can also upload images taken using tablets and smartphone into the “PlayMemories Online” service through an Android app which will be released through the Google Play online store.

The introduction of the “PlayMemories Online” service comes as Samsung is set to unveil its own version of the iCloud of Apple, the Samsung S-Cloud. The S-Cloud will also offer a similar 5GB free online storage as that of the “PlayMemories Online” service. These cloud storage services have a similar function, which is to link their respective products with an online platform.

Sony also intends to integrate its gaming consoles into the “PlayMemories Online” service. A photo editing suite was recently announced by Sony for the Sony PlayStation 3 which can be used with the “PlayMemories Online” service. Users will be able to view and edit files that are stored on the gaming using the PlayStation Portable and PlayStation Vita mobile game consoles.

Even as the “PlayMemories Online” service is set to be made available by Sony, the company is also reportedly working on enhancing its online services in different areas as a number of online movies, music and games were grouped together into the Sony Entertainment Network while the Sony PlayStation platform will be expanded by the company into other devices aside from the consoles produced by the company.

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