Sunday, April 22, 2012

Reports Hint at Upcoming Launch of Samsung S-Cloud Service

Samsung S-Cloud Service
Samsung S-Cloud Service

It appears that the competition between Apple and Samsung may not be limited to the device offerings of the two tech giants. Recent reports have hinted that the South Korean company may be preparing to unveil its own version of the iCloud of Apple, the Samsung S-Cloud service.

This upcoming unveiling of the Samsung S-Cloud service comes as the Samsung Galaxy S3 is set to be launched by Samsung during a May 3 that will be held in London. According to Maeil Business, a Korean news site, a consolidation plan of Samsung was reportedly leaked recently showing that the company was preparing to unveil the Samsung S-Cloud service on the same date as the Samsung Galaxy S3 launch.

Users will reportedly be able to send content into the Samsung S-Cloud service and sync different devices. The same report indicated that the Samsung S-Cloud service will not limit the content uploaded by users, which is being implemented on the iCloud of Apple.

The May 3 event where the Samsung Galaxy S3 will be launched was announced recently by Samsung even as a number of reports have emerged on the possible features that will be offered by the device. Pre-orders are reportedly already accepted through the Amazon Germany.

A video that reportedly showed the Samsung Galaxy S3 was also posted recently on a Vietnamese website. The pre-order posting and video has revealed some of the features that the upcoming Samsung smartphone will offer, some of which were consistent with earlier reports linked to the Samsung Galaxy S3.

Reports on the Samsung S-Cloud service have been circulating in the past few months. Last February reports have hinted at the possible launch of the cloud-based service of Samsung by August.

Although the availability of the Samsung S-Cloud service has yet to be revealed, the report has given indications that Samsung will likely collaborate with Microsoft to guarantee a smooth launch of the service in the international market.

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