Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Snapdragon S4 Devices May Rival MacBook Air 2012

The Apple MacBook Air 2012 may be facing some competition once the Windows 8 of Microsoft is released into the market. The upcoming version of the Windows OS can support the Snapdragon S4 processor of Qualcomm, which is reportedly good enough to compete with the upcoming version of the MacBook Air 2012 of Apple.

The affordability of the MacBook Air in comparison to the MacBook Pro along with its mobility has added to its popularity among consumers. Even as a number of rivals have attempted to go up against the MacBook Air, Apple has reportedly indicated that they have not been able to be effective against the ultra-thin laptop.

However Apple may have to deal with chip manufacturers with the upcoming introduction of the Snapdragon S4 of Qualcomm. The upcoming Snapdragon S4 processor is a quad-core unit that will be used on ultrabooks that will use the latest Windows 8 OS of Microsoft.

According to Rob Chandhok, the vice president of Qualcomm, the upcoming Snapdragon S4 processor will not be limited to the Windows 8 tablet PCs since it can be used on an ultrabook that may rival the performance of the upcoming MacBook Air 2012.

Laptops using the Snapdragon S4 will be more power efficient and its performance would be enhanced thus allowing the device to be used at a longer period using a single charge. The battery life of devices using ARM chips are longer compared to devices using Intel chips.

A number of Android-powered smartphones are currently using a dual-core version of the Snapdragon S4 processor. One of these smartphones is the HTC One X which is set to be released by AT&T for its LTE network.

For the moment no official statements were released by Apple in connection to the upcoming MacBook Air 2012 although it will be facing the devices using the Snapdragon S4 processor of Qualcomm once it enters the market within the year.

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