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Nikon Suggest Patience Amid Shortage of Nikon D800

Nikon D800
Nikon D800
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It appears that customers who have ordered the Nikon D800 will have to wait a little bit longer as the demand for the DSLR has resulted to the shortage in the supply ofthe high-end camera.

According to the UK marketing manager of Nikon, Jeremy Gilbert, consumers have started to order the Nikon D800 following its announcement in the market. There was no time following the announcement of the high-end DSLR that consumers were still thinking about acquiring the device.

Although the situation resulted to the current shortage of the Nikon D800 supply, the company is obviously benefitting from it. For the moment, the demand for the camera is higher compared to the inventory of the company, which is currently unable to increase the production level of the DSLR.

It will be necessary for consumers to exercise more patience since the company will not compromise on the quality of the Nikon D800.

The Nikon D800, which will feature a 36-megapixel sensor, was initially introduced by thecompany last February.  Following its introduction, a systems error was discovered which resulted to a lower price tag of the device.

The company later increased the price tag of the Nikon D800 by around $300, which resulted to criticisms from a number of consumers. However the company still honored the price for the cameras that were pre-ordered before its price was adjusted. But the current shortage in the supply of the Nikon D800 resulted to some changes in the release date for the device along with the Nikon D4.

The company initially revealed that around 30,000 units of the Nikon D800 will be produced every month together with around 5,000 units of the Nikon D4.

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