Wednesday, May 30, 2012

October Launch For iPhone 5 Hinted By Analyst

iPhone 5
iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 will likely be launched at around the same time-frame as that of the current iPhone 4S according to an RBC analyst.

In an investor report that Amit Daryanani released recently, the iPhone 5 may be unveiled by Apple on or before October of this year. Daryanani also indicated that the upcoming iPhone5 will also offer a new design as well as 4G LTE network support. The company has also updated its product each year and a redesign is typically made for every two years.

The sales of the upcoming iPhone 5 is also expected to be solid for Apple as the iPhone has reportedly given at least forty percent of the total revenue for the company ever since it initially entered the market in 2007.

According to Gartner, Apple only has around eight percent of the overall phone market in the first quarter although Daryanani indicated that Apple will increase its share of the market in the coming future when it will continue to innovate.

If the iPhone 5 will be launched by October, it is expected that the device may be available for sale by December. Sales of the iPhone 5 will likely be higher compared to the iPhone 4S due to the tendency of consumers to purchase the latest version of the device.

Earlier reports have hinted at the popularity of the iPhone 5 even before Apple has made an official announcement in connection to the device. However the Android platform currently has a bigger share in terms of smartphone sales with the latest Samsung smartphone gradually taking much of the market share of the iPhone.

The upcoming iPhone 5 is considered a product that is designed for both business and personal use along with the previous models of the device. However if a smartphone will offer a similar experience offered by the iPhone at a lower price tag, it will likely affect the market share of the company.

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