Sunday, May 13, 2012

One Billion Downloads for the Angry Birds Game

Angry Birds
Angry Birds
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A recent announcement by Rovio revealed that the number of downloads for the Angry Birds games has surpassed the one billion mark, which is a remarkable achievement for the slingshot-inspired game that features birds and pigs.

A blog post made by Rovio thanked the fans of the Angry Birds game. The company also indicated that there are more to look out for since it is just the beginning for the company, which is set to offer more in the future.

The Angry Birds game had reached the 500 million download mark around six months ago. Following this feat, the game developing company released a new version of the game, Angry Birds Space. This particular version of the popular game saw around 50 million downloads within 35 days following its release into the market.

Last November, Rovio also revealed that fans of the popular game play around 300 million minutes every day.

The recent milestone for the company has resulted to some speculations on what the company is set to offer the fans of the game. Reports have indicated that a feature film is being planned by the company which will look into the personal history of each character of the Angry Birds game.

Aside from the feature film, amusement parks that will have the Angry Birds game as its theme will be developed in China. The success of the Angry Birds franchise has been a gold mine for the company

It remains to be seen when the popularity of the Angry Birds game will end but the company is currently enjoying the fruits of its labor by making the most out of it. 

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