Monday, May 21, 2012

Raspberry Pi Camera Introduced

Raspberry Pi Camera
Raspberry Pi Camera
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A 14MP camera is reportedly in the works for the Raspberry Pi mini-computer. Recent reports have revealed that the makers of the mini-computer are not stopping with the release of its notable device although the reported Raspberry Pi camera may not be released until the later part of the year.

The camera on the Raspberry Pi will reportedly not increase the size of the device too much and is attachable through a ribbon cable. The Raspberry Pi camera can be used for automation applications at home or it can also be used for more advanced robotics projects.

For the moment no price tag was revealed on this upcoming Raspberry Pi camera.

It also appears that the Raspberry Pi camera may be downgraded from the current 14MP resolution prior to its release into the market in order to bring down the price tag since the size of the sensor will have a huge factor on its price. The bigger the sensor, the more expensive the Raspberry Pi camera will be.

The Raspberry Pi camera is just the latest addition to this rather notable device that saw it sell out within two hours after it was offered in the market.

The Raspberry Pi was initially made available in the market last February, although there were some minor issues that had to be dealt with by the company. Some manufacturing issues cropped up but it was dealt with immediately as deliveries started by the end of March.

A CE testing was conducted to ensure that the device was safe for use by the consumers. The testing of the Raspberry Pi mini-computer was completed by last month and a go-signal was given for its sale in the market.

The Raspberry Pi camera will open up a lot of possible applications for the device. The only thing that will limit the number of uses for the device is the creativity of the users.

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