Saturday, June 9, 2012

Apple May Need To Release iPhone 5 By October

iPhone 5
iPhone 5

It appears that a recent statement of an analyst may be favoring the Samsung Galaxy S3. According to Mike Walkley of Canaccord Genuity, the share of Apple in the smartphone market is expected to decrease for the current quarter until the upcoming iPhone 5 is released into the market.

Increasing support for other smartphones by US carriers have contributed to the reduction in the share of the smartphone market of Apple, which would make it necessary for the company to release the iPhone 5 within the quarter.

The upcoming release of the Samsung Galaxy S3 will contribute to the decreasing smartphone market share of Apple unless it releases the iPhone 5.

Reports have hinted that the iPhone 5 will feature a bigger screen display and support for LTE networks.

Although the current flagship smartphone of Apple, the iPhone 4S, is only eight months old, the recent smartphone models that HTC and Samsung have released into the market offer an enhanced processor, better design and display technology that will be appealing to consumers.

The display on the HTC One X is reportedly better compared to the iPhone 4S while the processor of the Samsung Galaxy S3 offers better multi-tasking and other smartphone processing support due to its multiple cores and enhanced CPE design.

Although the iPhone 4S is quite popular in the US market, the new Android-powered smartphones are gradually increasing their market share due to promotions offered by OEMs as well as their retail partners.

In order to counter this upsurge of these Android smartphones, Apple may have to release the iPhone 5 within the quarter. Even as the iPhone 5 remains unreleased, Apple has reportedly implemented a new strategy in its partnership with mobile service providers. The iPhone 4S and the 8GB iPhone 4 are reportedly being offered by Cricket at a cheaper price tag.

Whether this strategy will allow Apple to stave off the decrease in the sales of the iPhone or not remains to be seen although releasing the iPhone 5 will likely allow the company to recover its share of the smartphone market.

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