Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Leaked Document Hints At Upcoming Xbox 720

Although the Xbox 720 never made an appearance at the E3 event, a recently leaked document reportedly provides more evidence about the upcoming successor to the Xbox 360 of Microsoft.

A 56-page document reportedly gives the details of the upcoming Xbox 720 game console along with the successor to the Kinect and add-on glasses that was called Project Fortaleza. According to The Verge, the document was dated on August 2010 and makes references that are consistent with the Metro dashboard and SmartGlass.

The document makes references to the Xbox 720, which may just be a working title for the upcoming game console although it may be possible for the device to use it as its final name. The reported Xbox 720 will reportedly come with a Blu-ray feature that will offer the playing of 1080pHD videos. The upcoming device will also offer 3D movie-playing capabilities.

The leaked document also gives indications that the upcoming Xbox 720 will feature a massive increase in power compared to the present version of the game console. It ‘always on’ state will also give indications that the upcoming Xbox 720 will feature fast start-up speeds.

The full features of the upcoming Xbox 720 were not revealed in the document although it make likely come with eight x86 or ARM cores and may be clocked at 2GHz each as well as feature a 4GB memory.

Using the Windows 8 OS, the upcoming Xbox 720 will likely offer users with the capability of recording television shows and it will facilitate the developments of applications that will be compatible with a number of devices including mobile devices and PCs. The price tag of the reported successor to the Xbox 360 is around $299 and may be on the market for around a decade with sales projected to reach 100 million units.

In addition to references to the upcoming Xbox 720, the leaked document also offers a look at the upcoming Kinect 2. The upcoming device will reportedly be more accurate, have an enhanced voice recognition feature, offers stereo imaging, player tracking support, dedicated hardware processor and an enhanced camera. Dedicated controllers will reportedly be offered as well.

Project Fortaleza is a pair of glasses that will function over 4G or Wi-Fi and will include augmented reality into the gaming experience. However the glasses will not be unveiled before 2014 although they can also be used far from the upcoming Xbox 720 game console.

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