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Possible July Release For Amazon Kindle 2

Amazon Kindle Fire 2
Amazon Kindle Fire 2
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The AmazonKindle Fire was launched by the company in September last year and it appears the second version of this popular device may be introduced at earlier for this year. Reports have given indications that the Amazon Kindle Fire 2 will be unveiled by the company on July 31.

Although the date remains uncertain, reports on the upcoming device have started to increase recently. One of the latest reports gave indications that the upcoming Amazon Kindle Fire 2 may be priced at around $199 and may be available at the start of the third quarter.

The source of the report on the Amazon Kindle Fire 2 supposedly came from the upstream supply chain. The report also indicated that the price of the original Amazon Kindle Fire may be reduced to around$149 even as speculations have emerged that Amazon was setting aside plans for a bigger device although a new set of e-ink Kindles may be released together with the Amazon Kindle Fire 2.

It remains uncertain what type of processor or camera the upcoming Amazon Kindle Fire 2 will feature. The reports also did not make mention of Bluetooth connectivity and whether it will still feature an 8GB internal storage.

Amazon is also expected to copy the upgrade strategy of Apple since it may enhance the features, performance and the design of the upcoming Amazon Kindle Fire 2 while maintaining its price range. The price of its latest e-ink Kindle units will likely be at least $79, which is similar to the current basic Kindle devices.

A new Kindle Touch may also be offered by Amazon that will feature a built-in light at a price lower compared to the $139 of the Nook Simple Touch with GlowLight.

Although Amazon may try to take advantage of the holiday shopping season by offering the Amazon Kindle Fire 2 and its upcoming models of the e-ink Kindle near the start of the holidays, the company may also opt to offer back-to-school campaigns for the Amazon Kindle Fire 2 especially since the Kindle sales have decline following reports of the upcoming introduction of the iPhone 5 of Apple as well as a new seven-inch iPad and latest model of the iPod Touch.

Following the release of the Amazon Kindle Fire, the market for low-cost tablet has been altered. Competition in the market has increased with the entry of a Nook Tablet that has a price tag of $199 as well as the seven –inch Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, which offers a number of features that were not initially offered in this market segment.

The Amazon Kindle Fire 2 will also have to deal with the Google Nexus tablet which was unveiled recently by Google into the market. This means that Amazon will have to offer consumers a much better tablet that will not only have to match the features of the tablets that have been unveiled in the market recently but it should offer much more value for the money of consumers with the upcoming Amazon Kindle Fire 2.

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