Friday, July 13, 2012

Report Points To Redesign of iPod Nano

iPod Nano
iPod Nano
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A recent report revealed that Apple may be redesigning the next generation iPod Nano. This was revealed through Macotaka, a Japanese-language blog focused on Apple products recently.

According to the blog, the next generation iPod Nano may likely go back to its oblong-like shape. Currently the Nano is similar to the iPod Shuffle in terms of its form factor with the touch screen being the main difference between the two Apple products since the latter features click controls.

Curiously, a number of third party accessories have been using the iPod Nano as a digital watch and Apple itself has released some software updates that added faces into the product.

If the next generation iPod Nano will indeed go back to its initial oblong-shape design, it will likely feature a dedicated home button and will also use the full version of the iOS. The next generation iPod Nano will also likely use an iTunes application. But this redesign will make the design similar to the iPod Touch, which would not make it easy to find where the next generation iPod Nano would fit into the iPod lineup of Apple.

The square-shaped form factor of the iPod Nano was initially released in September 2010, which was the last major update for the device. Along with the change in the design of the device, the price tag for the 8GB model was reduced to $129 from $149. Since the update of the iPod lineup of Apple is typically implemented during fall, the next generation iPod Nano may see its introduction in September if the report is proven to be accurate.

However the report on the next generation iPod Nano is not consistent with a number of images that were leaked last year where the device was supposed to feature an integrated camera. Earlier models of the iPod Nano feature a camera however the camera was taken out following the reduction in the size of the device.

It remains uncertain if the next generation iPod Nano will feature a camera although some industry watchers have shown their inclination of having such a feature on the device.

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