Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sales of Microsoft Surface Tablet Expected To Reach A Few Million Units

Microsoft Surface Tablet
Microsoft Surface Tablet
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Even as industry watchers have pondered at the question if Microsoft will start to regularly offer their own hardware into the market with the introduction of the Microsoft Surface tablet, Steve Ballmer, chief executive of the company revealed that it hopes that sales of the device will reach to a few millions units following the introduction of the Windows 8 OS by October.

The pronouncement of Ballmer during the Worldwide Partner Conference of Microsoft in Toronto does not clearly show whether the company will follow the lead of Apple and regularly market its own hardware into the market. The statement shows that the company may not be planning to use the Microsoft Surface tablet as a string rival to the dominance of the iPad in the market.

Microsoft had announced earlier that the Microsoft Surface tablet will be limited to the US market through a small number of retail outlets.

Ballmer also revealed that the company will cover all bases in its competition against Apple. This would include some innovations in both the software and hardware produced by the company. Although Ballmer indicated that the Microsoft Surface tablet will be the main focus of the company, it has not disregarded the notion of producing its own smartphone offering in the market.

Greg Sullivan, the Windows Phone head, had earlier indicated that the company was quite pleased with its hardware partners for the Windows Phone OS.

The company does not intend to isolate itself from its hardware partners, which is not an easy task for the company following the introduction of the Microsoft Surface tablet.

Concerns were reportedly raised on the possibility that manufacturers may not be pleased with the introduction of the Microsoft Surface tablet. The Microsoft Surface tablet may result to reduced revenue for manufacturers that aim to produce Windows 8-powered tablets.

However it is clear that the Windows 8 OS will play a big part in the future of the company. The use of a touch-based OS has resulted to an increasing interest in the market by both consumers and detractors. Tablet deliveries are expected to surpass notebook deliveries by 2016 and it appears that the company aims to lead the way with the Microsoft Surface tablet.

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