Thursday, August 9, 2012

Apple May Meet Demand For Upcoming iPhone 5

iPhone 5
iPhone 5

Reports on the still-unannounced iPhone 5 continue to emerge with an analyst from JP Morgan revealing that Apple may be able to meet the market demand for the upcoming version of its popular smartphone.

The analyst revealed through a report that was released recently that the iPhone 5 will likely be introduced by Apple sometime in September and a massive release of the device will follow in October. Earlier reports had speculated on the possibility that Apple may not be able to meet the initial demand for the upcoming device due to issues in the supply of the casing and display of the iPhone 5.

However the Asia Tech team of JP Morgan is confident that the company will be able to get past this major obstacle as it pushes for solid sales of the iPhone 5 by the end of the year.

Around twenty million units of the iPhone 5 are expected to be produced by Apple for the September quarter while the December quarter will see 39 million units produced. The company may be able to meet a projected 39.5 million unit demand for the iPhone 5 in the last quarter of the year as well as the 37.8 million unit demand for the initial quarter of the coming year.

The iPhone 5 is expected to comprise around sixty percent of all shipments of the iPhone in the final two quarters of the year. The upcoming iPhone 5 is expected to be a refreshing innovation due to its larger screen, slimmer body, as well as its 4G LTE network support, which will make it appealing to a number of potential buyers.

Support for 4G LTE networks has been among the features that will reportedly be offered by the upcoming iPhone 5. The slimmer body of the upcoming device will allow it to avoid taking too much space inside the pocket, which has been an issue for a number of 4G LTE-enabled devices that are available in the market.

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