Thursday, August 16, 2012

Black Samsung Galaxy S3 Hinted By Facebook Post

Black Samsung Galaxy S3
Black Samsung Galaxy S3
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Black is beautiful, as an old saying goes, and it appears that the latest flagship smartphone of Samsung will soon become available in black. An image of a black Samsung Galaxy S3 was uploaded recently into the Facebook page of the South Korean company.

The image showing black Samsung Galaxy S3 as had the white-colored version beside the new device. The caption on the image made a reference to the S Beam of the device, which allows the transmission of content from one smartphone to another.

However it remains uncertain if the image does indeed herald the coming of a black Samsung Galaxy S3, the device on the image does not match any of the devices that are currently available in the market. Another image, which used the Olympics as its theme, showed a similar black Samsung Galaxy S3 being used in taking images of a tube train.

The matte look of the black Samsung Galaxy S3 may allow it to be differentiated from the other versions of the device. However some industry watchers are speculating on the possibility that the image of the black Samsung Galaxy S3 may not be entirely authentic or it may even be a prototype of the device that has somehow found its way to the official photographers of the company.

The latest Samsung flagship smartphone is currently available in pebble blue and white although some issues in production may have affected the pebble blue model.

However it should also be taken into account that Samsung does have a knack for offering new color options for its popular devices so it is still quite possible that the black Samsung Galaxy S3 may already be in the works.

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