Saturday, August 4, 2012

Latest Images of iPhone 5 Leaked

Leaked iPhone 5 Images
Leaked iPhone 5 Images
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Speculations on the introduction of the iPhone 5 of Apple continue to emerge as another image was reportedly leaked showing the actual device. The leaked image also showed the redesigned dock connector that will supposedly be used on the next version of the popular smartphone from Apple.

The emergence of reports on the iPhone 5 was similar to what happened last year where leaked images reportedly show the next-generation iPhone. However last year’s leaked images proved to be inaccurate following the release of the iPhone 4S.

However the latest images were supposedly of the actual iPhone 5 which was reportedly smuggled out of a factory of Foxconn. Earlier reports had indicated that the next-generation iPhone was already in production. Recently Tim Cook, the chief executive of Apple, hinted at the still-unannounced iPhone 5. This resulted to more speculations that the iPhone 5 will be released into the market within the year.

The images were posted on the website of Cool Zone PDA, a manufacturer of casings based in China. Although it remains uncertain if the device shown in the image is that of the actual iPhone 5, they appeared to be authentic. One image showed a white-colored iPhone inside a case while the second image was that of the lower part of the iPhone 5, showing the reported new dock connector as well as a headphone jack.

Similar to what happened last year, some case manufacturers have already started to produce products basing on the reported features and specifications of the iPhone 5. It remains uncertain if the latest images are that of the actual device until Apple will finally release the product into the market.

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