Friday, September 7, 2012

Images of New Amazon Kindle Device Leaked

Amazon Kindle
Amazon Kindle
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Prior to the event that will supposedly launch the latest versions of the Amazon Kindle devices including the Amazon Kindle Fire, images have reportedly emerged showing the upcoming e-reader of the online retail giant.

The new models of the Amazon Kindle devices will supposedly be unveiled within the week and it appears that consumers have been given peek at the upcoming devices.

The images that were acquired by The Verge indicate that the shape of the device has generally remained the same as the previous versions of the Amazon Kindle. However the button located under the display has been removed while the bezel has become considerably darker compared to the earlier models of the device. The images also show the new Amazon Kindle devices will feature a higher resolution, better contrast, built-in lighting and a battery life lasting eight weeks.

The leaked images also refer to the Kindle Paperwhite and were supposedly promotional materials for French-speaking consumers. Despite its reference to the Kindle Paperwhite, it remains uncertain if this will be the new name of the upcoming device since it may also point to the new display screen of the device which is significantly brighter compared to the earlier models of the device.

The source of the images was not revealed by The Verge and Amazon has not made any statements on the supposed leaked images of the new Amazon Kindle devices.

Amazon has also announced recently that the Amazon Kindle Fire was sold out in the market. The new models of the device are expected to be unveiled during an upcoming event scheduled on September 6.

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