Thursday, September 27, 2012

Samsung Galaxy S3 and Other Handsets Susceptible To Swiping

Samsung Galaxy S3
Samsung Galaxy S3
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A flaw on the Android OS may reportedly result to a remote wipe of a number of Samsung smartphones including the Samsung Galaxy S3.

The swipe or the factory reset of the Samsung Galaxy S3 can result from clicking a link that has a malicious code and the users will be warned about it. It can also be triggered by scanning a modified QR code. The issue was initially discussed in detail during the Ekoparty security conference and exposes the susceptibility of the Samsung Galaxy S3 to a simple reset.

Once the reset is started, it cannot be undone or cancelled. Making matters worse, the SIM card of the handset may also be killed by the people behind the hack.

USSD codes are used by the hack. This is the same protocol used by smartphones to link up with wireless mobile providers. Once the USSD code is transmitted to the smartphone through an SMS message, from a website, through QR codes, or through NFC, the dialer will be brought out and activate the factory reset of the smartphone such as the Samsung Galaxy S3, which would wipe all the data.

The users will reportedly be able to see the process of wiping as it takes place, however, they cannot do anything to stop it.

Aside from the Samsung Galaxy S3, the other Samsung devices that are reportedly included in the list of devices that can be affected by the exploit are the S Advance, Galaxy Beam, Galaxy S2, and the Galaxy Ace.

These devices reportedly use the TouchWiz custom user interface of Samsung in addition to the Android OS. However, it appears that the stock version of the Android OS on the Galaxy Nexus may not be affected by the hack.

Users of Samsung smartphones including the Samsung Galaxy S3 are advices to be careful with their devices until the vulnerability is recognized by Samsung, and a patch is released. Samsung Galaxy S3 users are advised not to click on links or websites that they are not familiar with.

Owners of these Samsung devices including the Samsung Galaxy S3 may also disable the automatic loading of links form the QR code readers and NFC.

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  1. Aprt from these all the things, the Samsung Galaxy S3 is, according to Samsung, 'inspired by nature – it sees, listens, responds, and allows you to share the greatest moments'.