Sunday, September 9, 2012

Samsung Galaxy S3 Targeted By Apple

Samsung Galaxy S3
Samsung Galaxy S3
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Following its win in the patent infringement lawsuit against Samsung, it appears that Apple is now setting its sights on the most popular device offering of the South Korean company, the Samsung Galaxy S3.

A new front has emerged in the legal battle between the two manufacturing giants as Apple has added a number of devices on its complaint against Samsung. Among the devices that the company included in the lawsuit are the Samsung Galaxy S3, the Galaxy S2, the Galaxy Note, and the Galaxy Note 10.1.

The sale of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus smartphone is already banned in the US market following the recent ruling on a case filed by Apple last February. And it appears that Apple is aiming to have the ban extended to other Samsung devices including the Samsung Galaxy S3.

The supposed infringed patents that were included in the February lawsuit were separate from the case filed by the company in April of last year.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 has been quite popular in the market as sales surpassed the tenmillion mark in the first two months it was available in the international market. If the sales of the Samsung Galaxy S3 will be prohibited in the US market, it will ruin its success in the market.

The amended complaint of Apple reportedly showed similar contentions in all of the patent cases the company field against Samsung.  Apple indicated that Samsung copied the innovative products, features, designs and technology of Apple and has flooded the market with numerous devices that infringe the patent of the company in order to take part of the market share held by Apple.

However with the upcoming danger of a ban on its sale in the US market has resulted to the increasing popularity of the Samsung Galaxy S3 in the market.

A recently-conducted survey by a securities analyst showed that following the recent verdict against the South Korean company, sales of the Samsung Galaxy S3 have increased with some retail outlets reporting a sold-out status for the device.

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