Monday, December 3, 2012

Charge Your Nokia Lumia 920 With A LED Lamp

Konica Minolta Desk Lamp
Konica Minolta Desk Lamp
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Owners of the Nokia Lumia 920 may find the latest product innovation of Konica Minolta rather useful due to an innovative technology that the company has included in its design.

The chic-looking lamp features an innovative technology that makes it appealing to owners of devices that support a Qi wireless charging standard including the Nokia Lumis 920. The desk lamp actually features an integrated induction charging pad that charges devices like the Nokia Lumia 920.

The usefulness of this ordinary-looking desk lamp has increased with the innovative technology that Konica Minolta has added into the device.

The charging feature of the desk lamp is probably the only thing that makes it stand out among other everyday devices although it does has an integrated touch sensor that allows users to modify its brightness. The height of the desk lamp is 1.5 feet and is available in two color options, dark blue and ivory.

However, this innovative technology does come with a price since this device-charging desk lamp costs around $302, which is more than half of the price of an off-contract Nokia Lumia 920.

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