Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Notable Speed Test For iPad 4

iPad 4
iPad 4
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Although sales of the iPad 4 may have been affected by the iPad Mini, it appears that the performance of the fourth generation iPad is better compared to its smaller-sized little brother.

The size, weight, and style of the iPad Mini may be more appealing to Apple enthusiasts, the performance of the iPad 4 may increase its appeal to consumers who have yet to choose which device to purchase.

Applications and web pages load faster on the iPad 4 compared to the iPad Mini. The graphics rendering performance of the iPad 4 was also significantly better compared to the iPad Mini.

A set of Geekbench tests showed that the iPad 4 was able to score 1,791 compared to the 764 of the iPad Mini. The fourth-generation iPad also performed better compared to the third-generation model of the device. The A6X processor of the tablet offering of Apple is the reason for the enhanced performance of the fourth-generation iPad compared to the iPad 3. The iPad 3 features an A5X processor.

The 4G LTE speed of the iPad 4 was also better compared to the iPad Mini.

Download speeds of the device reportedly reached 40Mbps in Sherman Oaks and 34Mbps in the Beverly Hills area. In comparison the download speed on the iPad Mini was at 18Mbps and 14 Mbps in the same locations. However, it should be noted that the upload speed on the iPad 4 was not as impressive since it only reached 14Mbps and 11Mbps in the same locations.

But another test conducted on a different date a much more realistic download and upload speeds for both the iPad 4 and the iPad Mini. The download speed of the two devices was at 10Mbps while the upload speed was around 3Mbps.

Although it remains uncertain if consumers will opt for the iPad 4 over the iPad Mini following the tests that were conducted on the two devices, the performance of the fourth-generation iPad will definitely give some consumers who are still in a quandary on which device to select something to think about.

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