Thursday, April 11, 2013

Deployment Of A Solid-State Laser Weapon System Prepared By The US Navy

Solid-State Laser Weapon
Solid-State Laser Weapon
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The US Navy is considering the deployment of a solid-state laser weapon on the USS Ponce by 2014. Although no details were revealed on the capabilities or the performance of the laser weapon system, the Navy discussed the benefits of using laser weapons as a countermeasure against airborne or water-borne threats.

The deployment of the solid-state laser weapon system will be an at-sea demonstration, which shows the ongoing effort of the Pentagon in using directed energy weapons for US Navy ships. The Navy indicated that the Department of Defense will continue studying the integration of laser weapon systems into the fleet after the USS Ponce demonstration.

It may be possible that the demonstration of the solid-state laser system on the USS Ponce may have another objective. Since the warship will be deployed in the Persian Gulf, it may be possible that it may give Iran a glimpse of the capabilities of the US Navy in dealing with threats. The maximum price tag of the prototype will reportedly be $32 million.

It may even be used to show Congress that such a weapon system will hardly put a dent on the budget. The cost-effectiveness of the laser weapon was highlighted by the Navy when compared to conventional missile systems. According to Rear Admiral Matthew Klunder, Naval Research Head, conservative data shows that one shot from the laser weapon will cost under $1. In comparison a missile costs thousands of dollars each.

A video was released by the US Navy that showed a demonstration of the capabilities of a solid-state laser weapon system against a drone.

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