Monday, April 8, 2013

HTC One Developer Edition Available For Pre-Orders

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HTC tweeted recently indicating that the HTC One Developer Edition is already available for pre-orders through the website of the smartphone manufacturer.

The unlocked model of the super-smartphone of HTC is priced at around $649. Pre-orders can be made directly through the website of the company, according to the tweet. This particular model is unlocked and can be modified by the users.

The HTC One Developer Edition is specifically made for users who have a habit in making slight modifications on the device. Developers and hackers may be interested in this model since it will allow them to tweak the smartphone without having to deal with the restrictions that are normally placed on the locked version. On the other hand, everyday users may be more contented with the locked version instead of the Developer Edition.

The Developer Edition features the Snapdragon 600 processor from Qualcomm, 2GB RAM, 64GB internal memory, and an unlocked SIM card slot.

Since this model offers an unlocked bootloader, users will be able to root and reprogram it with custom ROMs. These ROMs normally feature an operating system and a number of basic applications. This means the smartphone does not contain the apps that are normally installed by the manufacturer and the mobile service provider.

For the moment, only buyers who live in the United States can purchase the developer edition of the smartphone, which means buyers who do not have a US ZIP code will have to ask someone in the US to buy it for them and have it shipped to their location. A limited number of HTC One Developer Edition units are available for sale through the website of the company.

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