Saturday, April 13, 2013

Leak Shows Reported iPad 5

iPad 5
iPad 5
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The reported iPad 5 may feature a thin bezel similar to the one found on the iPad Mini if the leaked image of the fifth generation tablet of Apple is proven to be accurate.

The upcoming iPad will supposedly be slim, just like the small-sized version of the tablet offering of the company. That is, if the image posted on is indeed that of the next-generation iPad. If this is the case, then Apple may be using the iPad Mini as its inspiration for the design on the upcoming model of the full-size iPad.

The front cover of the iPad 5 was shown on the image along with the bezel around it that shows a slimmer design compared to the current model of the iPad.

Earlier reports hinted at the possibility that the upcoming version of the iPad will have a 9.7-inch display screen along with a slimmer design. The recently-leaked image may provide the proof needed by earlier reports, that is, if it is proven to be true.

However, the French website has a notable record when it comes to making revelations on upcoming products from Apple. The supposed image of the iPad 5 was reportedly given to the website from sources in China. However, since these reports remain unconfirmed, which means their accuracy is still debatable.

The iPad 4 was launched by Apple last October together with the iPad Mini. The two devices entered the market in the early part of November.

Reports have also indicated that Apple will start its production of the next generation iPad by summer. However another report hinted at a possible April launch of the iPad 5, which simply means it remains uncertain when the device will be actually unveiled by Apple.

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