Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Low-Cost iPhone Image Leaked Hinting At Plastic Case

Low-Cost iPhone
Low-Cost iPhone
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The supposed low-cost iPhone may come with a plastic casing and not the more expensive aluminum cover, which is featured on other versions of the device. An image leaked recently showed a white-colored iPhone that reportedly has a back made of plastic.

It can be recalled that a number of reports emerged suggesting that a cheaper version of the smartphone offering of Apple will be introduced into the market. The recently-leaked image may give proof to the existence of the device. The image was shared by Tactus, a manufacturer of mobile casings. It showed the plastic back case of for the iPhone of Apple.

It remains uncertain how the manufacturer was able to get hold of the casing and whether the supposed casing for the low-cost iPhone is authentic. However, reports indicating that the cheaper versions of the smartphone will be offered in the market initially emerged last February through Macotakara, an Apple news website based in Japan.

The website revealed that the next iPhone will be thicker compared to the current models of the device.

Although it may be possible for Apple to introduce the low-cost iPhone into the market before the end of the year, it may not be the last iPhone that the company will introduce this year. Reports have indicated that the next iPhone will be called the iPhone 5S, which will featured better graphics, an enhanced processor, and a bigger display.

Apple has not confirmed reports of the supposed cheaper version of the iPhone, which is typical of the company when it comes to rumors and speculations. The company normally offers an aluminum casing for the iPhone although it may be possible Apple to offer a low-cost iPhone with a plastic case as shown on the image that was leaked recently.

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