Sunday, April 7, 2013

Microsoft Monocles Versus Google Glasses

Google Glasses
Google Glasses
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Will Google Glasses have its own nemesis soon in the Microsoft Monocles? Apparently this is the line of thinking of one analyst in the industry.

Following the emergence of Google Glasses, a number of questions have emerged on whether it should be used while a person is driving. It even resulted to questions on how some people would look like if they wore it. The speed at which technology is moving is so fast that it may result to speculations on what will come out next.

Will Redmond come up with its own version of Google Glass? Is it working on the Microsoft Monocles?

According to Brian White of Topeka Capital, it is an idea that may not be far-fetched in a note that he wrote to investors recently. He hinted at the possibility that Microsoft may release its own version of the intelligent eyewear in the coming year.

It can be recalled that White predicted that the new TV of Apple can be controlled using a ring around your finger. Whether the supposed Microsoft Monocles will come out or not remains to be seen.

But if the software giant is developing its own version of Google Glass, what features would it have to make it stand out? Would the supposed Microsoft Monocles feature integration into the Xbox, which will allow users to play games while walking down the street?

Would the company work with designers to develop a rather elegant and stylish piece of eyewear?

Would the head honcho of the company promote the device by wearing it wherever he goes? For the moment, these are mere speculations, which mean the report on the supposed Microsoft Monocles should be taken with a good amount of salt.

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