Wednesday, April 24, 2013

New Nokia Flagship Smartphone Coming To US Market

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Even as Nokia continues to struggle in the North American market, the Finnish company revealed that it will be offering a new Nokia flagship smartphone through a major US-based mobile service provider.

In a conference call held recently, CEO Stephen Elop revealed that a number of new product launches will mark the current quarter of the year. He also revealed that the company will be releasing a new flagship smartphone into the market.

Reports appear to point to a new version of the Nokia Lumia 920, which will be released through Verizon Wireless. Releasing the new Nokia flagship smartphone through the biggest mobile service provider of the US shows its significance for the company since it will provide the opportunity to increase its sales in the US.

According to Gartner analyst Carolina Milanesi, the move may allow the company to increase its sales volume since Verizon is expected to support the release of the device. This is particularly significant since the future of Motorola remains uncertain while the brand presence of HTC is currently under pressure.

Although the first quarter result of the company was a bit better than anticipated, the company still needs to improve its sales in the market since its overall performance is still considered a bit weak.

Despite an increase in revenue in the North American market, its sales are still low compared to its competitors.

The sales volume of the Nokia Lumia shows that it is still finding it difficult to make some headway in the US market. It also brings to mind some questions on how effective the exclusivity deal that company has with AT&T, which has contributed a small increase to the sales of the company in the market.

As Nokia continues to lag behind its competitors in the US market, sales of the Nokia Lumia line are beginning to show some promise. The company was able to deliver around 5.6 million units of the smartphones and is anticipating an increase in shipments for the second quarter. A new Nokia flagship smartphone may be what the company will need to give it the momentum that it needs in the US market.

The upcoming release of the new Nokia flagship smartphone may be what the company needs in order to increase its sales in the market, especially with the dominance of the smartphone offerings of Apple and Samsung.

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