Tuesday, May 14, 2013

High-End Firefox OS-Powered Smartphones In The Pipeline

Firefox OS-Powered Smartphone
Firefox OS-Powered Smartphone
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Not too long ago a report revealed the availability of Firefox OS-powered smartphones. These smartphones are budget models and were mainly marketed in developing markets such as Brazil. However, a Mozilla executive revealed that a high-end device may be released by Sony using the OS.

Mozilla mobile devices senior vice president Li Gong revealed that the company is discussing with Sony on the type of device that the company may release into the market. The Firefox OS is aiming to enter a market that is currently being dominated by the Android of Google and iOS of Apple. The company initially released budget smartphones with the Keon and the Peak, which were available through Geeksphone.

Despite using low-end devices as its entry into the smartphone market, Mozilla is reportedly working with other companies in the hope of offering high-end Firefox OS-powered smartphones. Gong revealed that the company aims to enter the high-end market although it may take time to put up an ecosystem.

He also revealed that a number of manufacturers are already developing their own Firefox OS-powered smartphones. These manufacturers include Alcatel, Huawei, LG, Sony and ZTE.  There are also eighteen telecom operators that have indicated their interest in using the OS.

Gong also indicated that the company is taking a pure approach for its OS. It is not limited to being an open source program but it also goes through an open process.

The Android is being promoted by Google as open-source software. However, it does not allow manufacturers and mobile service providers any inside information on its development and its unreleased versions. The Android can be modified by the partners of the company after the OS is released into the market.

Despite these pronouncements, industry watchers are skeptical on the impact of Firefox OS-powered smartphones in the mobile market. Its late entry into the market and the presence of similar open-source OS are some of the obstacles that Mozilla will have to deal with in the market.

However, Gong is optimistic about the entry of the operating system of Mozilla in the market. He indicated that some people thought it was a foolish decision to start the project. The company believes that need for a third OS is strong among business. This is the reason why the company continued with the project with the end-goal of release more Firefox OS-powered smartphones into the market.

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