Sunday, May 12, 2013

Traffic Logs Show iOS 7 Prior To Launch

iOS 7
iOS 7

Reports on the upcoming release of the next iPhone have resulted to speculations on the upcoming introduction of the iOS 7 in the market.

The reported emergence of the next mobile OS of Apple in web traffic logs recently has increased the anticipation for its launch in the coming month. This was revealed by a startup company that enhances websites to make them touch-friendly for smartphones and tablets. According to Onswipe, nearly 25 percent of visitors to the websites using its technology were supposedly using the soon-to-be-available software.

Another website, Macrumors, also reported an increase in the number of visitors using devices with the iOS 7. But industry watchers indicated that it is normal for an increase in activity for unreleased software offerings of Apple. It can be recalled that prior to the release of the OS X 10.7 Lion and 10.8 Mountain Lion, traffic logs saw an increase in their activity months before they were officially launched.

Apple is very secretive when it comes to the activities of the company and safeguards are also implemented when they use external resources. According to former Internet Technologies engineering director Don Melton, the company would change the way the software would identify itself when it taps into external web servers.

Reports have emerged hinting at the possibility that the iOS 7 may have a different appearance compared to the previous versions of the mobile OS, which has basically remained the same since it was initially released by Apple in 2007.

Last month the company revealed plans of introducing the next versions of the mobile OS and the OS X during the annual developers’ conference of Apple. With the upcoming release of the iOS 7 of Apple, the introduction of the next model of the iPhone may not be far behind.

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