Monday, May 6, 2013

Motorola X Phone Leaked As A Blackboxed AT&T Smartphone

Leaked Motorola X Phone
Leaked Motorola X Phone
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Three images have emerged recently supposedly showing the upcoming, unofficial Motorola X Phone. The images hinted at the possibility that AT&T will be among the first mobile service providers to offer the rumored smartphone of Motorola.

The images were released through @evleaks, a Twitter source that has in the past been a good source of reliable information. The smartphone looks similar to the images of that were previously leaked into the net. The images, which bore the label “Blackboxed Motorola for AT&T,” did not give any details on the features of the smartphone. It looked like the handset that was posted on a Vietnamese website, although the images were already taken down.

However, the image also showed a slightly different Motorola icon for each of the shots. The top right portion of the screen also appeared to have been blurred or blocked on the image of the rumored Motorola X Phone. The bezel also appeared to be thicker than usual although this may be the case of the device itself.

Since the smartphone remains unconfirmed for the moment, the image will remain in the realm of speculations. It is also possible that the images shown were for different models of the smartphone that are currently being evaluated. The notification bar also shows the all-too-familiar Jelly Bean Android icon.

Reports on the supposed Motorola X Phone have been spreading at a fast rate, which may also mean something. Leaked benchmarks of the rumored smartphone emerged not too long ago, and these benchmarks showed a device using the Jelly Bean Android 4.2.2 OS.

Although the number of designs for different mobile service providers, it is safe to assume that the rumored Motorola X Phone will have one general design that will be used for all of these carriers.

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