Monday, January 7, 2013

Report Hints At Possible Release Of Google “X Phone”

Google and Motorola
Google and Motorola

A Wall Street journal report hinted at the possibility that Motorola will be releasing a smartphone that is internally called the Google “X phone.”

The plan in offering the supposed Google “X phone” shows that Google is putting to good use its acquisition of the smartphone manufacturer. It can be recalled that Google acquired Motorola at a price tag of around $12.5 billion.

The upcoming device will reportedly be powerful enough to go up against the smartphone offerings of Samsung and Apple. The report revealed that the supposed Google “X phone” may be released in the coming year, which means Motorola engineers are working hard to bring the device into the market.

Even as reports on the possible release of the Google “X phone” start to emerge, Motorola will still provide Verizon with devices for its lineup. The WSJ report also revealed that a tablet may also be released into the market due to the partnership between Google and Motorola.

The report also indicated that some obstacles were encountered by Motorola in producing a next-generation smartphone and one of the problems that the company encountered was the battery life features. However, if the report on the upcoming release of the Google “X phone” is accurate the company may be able to turn their fortunes around.

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