Friday, May 3, 2013

Report Suggest Samsung Nexus 11 Launch Within The Year

Samsung Nexus 10
Samsung Nexus 10
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The Samsung Nexus 11 tablet may be unveiled by the South Korean tech giant before the end of the year, basing on a report posted on SamMobile. Samsung is expected to unveil at least four additional tablets this year with the Nexus tablet being one of them.

The upcoming device will come with an eleven-inch Super PLS TFT screen display, 8MP rear-facing camera, 2MP front-facing camera, and a microSD memory card slot. In addition to these features, the blog revealed that the device will be the first tablet to use an octo-core from Samsung.

For the moment, it remains uncertain which Android version will be used on the Samsung Nexus 11. However, since reports have shown that the Android 5.0 OS is set to be released within the year, it may be possible for the Samsung Nexus 11 to be among the first devices to use the latest version of the operating system from Google. It can be recalled that the Samsung Nexus 10 was among the first devices to use the Jelly Bean Android 4.2 OS when it was launched late last year.

Aside from the next Nexus tablet, Samsung is also expected to release another Samsung Galaxy Tab. This particular tablet may have the same features of the previous models of the device. It may also feature the TouchWiz customized user interface and a more reasonable price tag.

A seven-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab Duos and Samsung Galaxy Tab 8 are also anticipated to be unveiled before the end of the year. The former will feature support for dual-SIM cards and may be a variation of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3.  On the other hand the latter is expected to be sold in the same market segment as the iPad Mini of Apple.

No details were available on the price and the release dates of the upcoming Samsung tablets including the reported Samsung Nexus 11.

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