Sunday, January 3, 2010

Apple Tablet - Is it really for real

Rumors on the release of the Apple Tablet have kept everyone on their toes for most of last year. A prediction from said that it might be an $800 gadget with a 9.7 inch touchscreen device due to be released last October 31. Another prediction from the same website said that Verizon's network may be used for the tablet by December 1 last year. Its latest prediction is a March 31, 2010 release for the much talked about tablet from Apple. on the other hand, made its own investigative work on the probable name , release date, price range and some specifications of the device. Names included iSlate, TabletMac as well as iPAD, with iPAD viewed with an amused skepticism.

The Today @ PC World Blog post of Jared Newman had similar reports on the specifications and price range of the device. It may be a 9.7 inch device price at $800 or a 6 inch gadget at less than $700. Another report was for a device with a 10 inch screen at around $1000.

With all of these reports, rumors and predictions coming in, the hype for the device is now getting stronger and stronger. We hope that this Apple Tablet will live up to the Apple brand of devices, although I myself have not yet used, let alone owned an Apple device (although it would be nice to have one though).

We're just hoping that Steve Jobs will answer all questions about the Apple tablet when he's supposed to introduce a new product this coming January 26.

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